The intuitive guidance you've been seeking for your next step

Intuitive destination readings which allow you to connect with the energy available to you in different places.

Feel supported and guided in your location choices

You know what they say about stepping out of your front door. 

It may be the hardest part, but what if you could receive guidance and support to help inform your choices between places?

For those times when you find yourself wondering which place to choose next and weighing up options

– Which place to live or move to?

– What energy does a place hold for you for living or travel? 

– How are you being supported in your next step(s) and what do you need to know?

There is no accident in the places we end up

They each hold unique medicine and magic for us

The question is… 

Which one is calling you now? 

Ellie Cleary coaching

Introducing Destination Readings

Destination Readings are an accessible way to get intuitive guidance and clarity on the astrological influences for different locations you are choosing between. 

Destination Readings are written readings that tell you what wants to be known about the locations you’re considering. 

They include your astro-cartography for those places as well as oracle/tarot guidance for each location. 

Leaving you with clarity and confidence for your next step

What's Included in your Destination Reading

  • Your astro-cartography for the chosen place(s)
  • Your local space astrology for the chosen place(s)
  • Oracle/Tarot pull for each location
  • Intuitive guidance for your question and situation
  • Format: Written reading report (PDF)
  • Turnaround time: One week
  • Exchange £44 for 2 destinations, £77 for 3-4 destinations

Find the places that are calling you home

The places that call to you are calling for a reason. They hold magic and medicine for your soul. 

By working with the astrological and energy influences of the land, we reclaim the different parts of our psyche, we access healing, growth, abundance and so much more. 

The question is: Which energy is calling you strongest? 

What do you desire to call into your life? 

What kind of influences do you feel called to work with? 

Find out in your Destination Reading. 

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Get clarity on the places that are calling you by ordering your reading today (delivery time is within 1 week). 

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