The Gateway

A bespoke, intuitive reading using astrology and astro-cartography to uncover the thresholds that your soul is now asking you to cross. 

A remembrance and reclamation of why you are here, now, and where you are being called to. 

An invitation to step forward and share your unique medicine.

do you feel yourself on the cusp of great change?

Beloved.. A journey of transformation calls to you…

That journey – whether geographical or not – will take you to places you cannot yet see

But you know it’s time…​

Sister, are you fed up of turning in circles, fighting the same old battles... most of all within yourself?

Do you feel the call deep within your bones, this visceral knowing that it's time to unfurl your wings...?

Are you ready to break free from the stories of your past that seem to repeat?

homecoming coaching

Welcome to the Gateway

Where you currently stand

There is no way back

The path forward may be unknown

But you know it's your time to step forward, to share your gifts and healing medicine with the world

It's time to answer the call...

beloved... The truth is: You came here to be a pattern breaker & healer

What if, instead of repeating old patterns and feeling stuck, you could: 

Receive the guidance you need to know how and where you are being called forward

Gain clarity on how you are being initiated at this time 

Understand the medicine you are being called to share with others

Feel supported in stepping into your role as a guide and healer

Feel held and supported as you prepare for your ‘journey’?

intuitive astrology readings Ellie Cleary

There comes a time, when we know – deeply – that we are being called on a journey. 

Sometimes we are called to cross oceans, to move, geographically…

And sometimes, the journey is to stay right where we are and transform our inner world.

Beloved, the Gateway is for you if:

  • You desire clarity on what greater forces are working in your life
  • You feel yourself being called on a journey of transformation – within and/or without
  • You desire to receive guidance based on your cosmic blueprint (your astrology)
  • You desire to find the most aligned places that your soul is calling you to (using astro-cartography and locational astrology)
  • You are ready to share your gifts and medicine with the world, owning your intuitive and healing wisdom so that it can help others

The Gateway is a bespoke intuitive reading 

Using Intuitive Natal Astrology, Locational Astrology & Astro-Cartography, and my toolkit of Priestess and coaching practices, we will deepen together to discover what – and where – your soul is calling you to be and do. 

Part reading, part coaching session, during our time together we will explore challenges and initiations to be overcome, and opportunities and gifts that are being presented to you, for your own nourishment and also that are ripe for you to share with the world. 

We will uncover how you are being called to step forward, deepen and come home to yourself at this time… so that you can share your potent healing medicine that the world needs. 

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What Clients are saying

“My reading with Ellie gave me so much clarity as to where I have been and where I needed to go. Ellie’s deep intuitive insight helped me on my soul’s journey back home. Since I have moved to the destination mapped out by Ellie, my life has experienced so much more ease, connection and grounding. I can’t thank you enough Ellie!"
client testimonial
Natalie Dick
My session with Ellie was really eye-opening. Ellie built upon the simple things I knew and really dived deeper into who I am and how I can move forward using such a beautiful range of tools. I would highly recommend this reading to others who want to learn more about who they are and what direction they are destined to go in physically, mentally and spiritually! It’s a session full of clarity, understanding and aha moments and Ellie is very caring and insightful throughout. Thank you!"
Alice Testimonial
Alice Nettlingham

Your Gateway Reading Experience

Step 1

Book your session and prepare for our time together by filling in your intake form prior to our session. 

Step 2

We hold your session live on zoom on the booked date – sessions last between 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Step 3

Receive your reading recording to refer back to as a resource, plus the option for continued support at special pricing.

AstroCartography readings with Ellie Cleary

Hi, I’m Ellie…

…Your Gateway Guide & Oracle

With 50 countries under my belt, 4 of which I’ve called home for extended periods, I know a thing or two about the search for home.

I also know about the journeys that form our greatest rights of passage and the search for the places that will truly set us free.

As a travel priestess and your intuitive travel guide, I use my (Human Design) Reflector gifts to mirror back the answers you seek.

Like you, travel lives in my bones. Through travel and living in different places around the world, I have had my most beautiful life experiences, potent transformations, deepest initiations and found my greatest joy…

But perhaps most of all, through travel I have found my way home…

…And I help you to do the same.

Client Reviews

"Ellie is a warm and wise woman with an open heart and a deep knowledge of both astrology and the human condition. I found it incredibly easy to open up to her, and I left each of our sessions feeling at once grounded and uplifted. I hope to work with her again soon."
United States
"Thank you! I loved my reading! It was so nice to have a more in depth eye on my locational astrology. I’ve tried to interpret my chart many times myself with not so much resonance. I resonated deeply with what you’ve lifted up here, and it feels so much clearer now!"
Brittney van Matre
United States

FAQs & More Information

When you book your reading, you’ll receive a link to fill out an intake form, which we will use to guide our time together. 

We’ll then spend 1 hour or a little more (up to 1 hour 15) live on zoom at your booked time for your reading. 

Following your reading you’ll receive a recording plus any mentioned resources, and the option to continue working with me through coaching at special pricing should you wish to. 

I’m an intuitive Astrologer, I have studied several different schools/lineages, but most resonate with Shamanic Astrology which is a more earth-based, feminine tradition. 

I work with western, tropical astrology, and reference different house systems when looking at your chart including Equal Sign and Placidus, but currently mostly work with Whole Sign houses for natal astrology. 

In readings, generally we are drawn to a certain area of your chart that is standing out or being activated at the current time, and indicates the medicine you are experiencing and receiving at this time. Sometimes this means we focus more on transits – this is not a typical “natal chart basics” reading. 

The reading is fully tailored to your needs and what is feeling present for you (you let me know this when you fill out your intake form). 

We can focus solely on the Astro-Cartography and Locational Astrology if you desire to move, travel, or that is feeling most important for you. 

Equally, if you know you don’t want to move or travel anywhere, we will focus on your ‘regular’ natal chart and your transits instead. 

Both ways of looking at your cosmic map are deeply powerful tools to identify the messages that the universe wants to share with you, and how you are being asked to step forward at this time. 

I consider requests for payment plans on a case by case basis. If you feel strongly called to a reading, but need to split the payment into a couple of instalments, please email me at with information about your request so that we can find the best solution. 

I also offer a limited number of scholarship readings which are intended for women from BIPOC backgrounds and/or have experienced financial and other types of colonisation in their direct experience or lineage. Please email me at to apply. 

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