Your Venus & Sacred Feminine Gifts

Activate your Venus Archetype

Remember your unique Sacred Feminine Medicine & Gifts…

…through the power of working with the Astrological Venus Synodic Cycle

Receive clarity on your Venus Archetype & gifts

Deepen with Venus in this Astrology Reading & Activation using the Venus Synodic Cycle.

Venus, as Sacred Feminine Guide has many different ways to express…

The Dark Mother who is fearless in her love and will burn down whatever stands in the way of it

The Aphrodite Goddess of Love who unfurls in the softness of the pink rose

The courageous Warrior Goddess who blazes forward holding high her banner of truth and justice

And the Priestess Pyschopomp who takes us between it all, ushering us as the Goddess of the ways, through transitions… 

Through uncovering the phase of the Venus astrological synodic cycle you were born at we will discover…

…Your Venus Archetype

…Which Gateway you were born at

…Which overtone Goddess is your guide

…Deepen into your gifts, challenges and alchemy of the Venus sacred feminine medicine you are here to express

venus star point reading

The truth is, so many of us have been separated from the true, authentic expression of our divine feminine.

The divine feminine has been 'whitewashed', 'purified' and 'put into a box'.

But you, my love, are here to change that...

You know that the divine feminine is not only love and light

You know that her - your - power lies in being able to transform and alchemise. The journey of Venus through the sky teaches us this.

It's time to reclaim your sacred feminine power.

Venus star point reading

What is the Venus Synodic Cycle? 

Every 19 months, Venus enters a new cycle, where she spends half her time as a morning star, descending through the morning sky towards the horizon. 

She then disappears from our view in the ‘underworld’ for 60-90 days, emerging re-birthed, to ascend through the evening sky as evening star for the second half of her cycle. 

Venus returns to the same 5 points in the sky – her orbit around the sun with the earth forming the 5 petalled rose of Venus. 

The synodic cycles are the larger cycles of Venus – where she returns to exactly the same cycle in which we were born every 8 years. 

Through working with these larger cycles of Venus (sometimes called the Venus ‘Star Point’), we get to access more of her magic, transformation and deepen with the gifts she brings us. 

We honour the Venus cycle through connecting it to the Sumerian myth of the Descent of Inanna. 

What Venus Activation Clients are saying

My Venus reading with Ellie was beautiful and insightful. Ellie is a powerful oracle and priestess in the astrological arts and the magic of Venus. During the reading I had so many moments of clarity come through, and I have a deeper understanding of myself, and of my soul’s lessons and life path. Ellie is a natural orator and explains this complex subject so clearly in such a way that it helped me really understand how the transits of Venus affect my life. I would really recommend Ellie’s work to anyone who wishes to explore Venus more deeply, and how you can work with these cycles in your life.
Carmen testimonial venus reading
Priestess - Love Healing

Included in your Venus Sacred Feminine Activation Session


1hr session with me live on zoom

Recording of our session for you to download and keep as a timeless resource


We will cover:

– Overview of the Venus Synodic Cycle  

– Your Venus Archetype, Gateway, & Overtone Goddess

– Uncovering your Venus medicine & gifts from your natal chart

– Guided journey to activate your Venus archetype

– Intuitive guidance & oracle card pull


I work with tropical, western astrology. When reviewing your natal chart I predominantly work with whole sign houses. 

Venus synodic cycle reading astrology

Hi, I’m Ellie…

…Your Venus Guide

I’m an Astrologer, Priestess and Truth-Teller. 
As a lover of the divine feminine (I have 4 planets including my Sun in Taurus, the evening home of Venus), Venus has been my Initiator, Teacher and Guide, in ways that I could never have imagined. 
Through learning and being intitiated into the ceremonial cycles of Venus by my teachers, I have experienced so much more depth, wisdom, and remembrance of this path than I could ever have imagined.
On this journey, I have remembered my own gifts, the wisdom I am here to share, and learned to truly embrace the ever-spiralling cycles of the feminine path.
Venus has called to me ever since I was a little girl – through the Rose – and later through herself in the sky, calling me in, beckoning to come play…
Sister, know that if you feel called to this path, it is no accident. Venus is calling you, too, to unfurl your rose-heart to her rich medicine. 

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