Instant Access Classes and Workshops to follow at your own pace.

Introduction to AstroCartography

A 2 hour workshop covering all the AstroCartography basics, how to use it in your life, meaning of the lines and chart examples.

AstroCartography & Human Design, co-hosted with Korynn Elliott

Deepen into the topics of Astro-Cartography and Human Design and discover how they can be used together to uncover your energy in different places. Co-hosted with Human Design teacher Korynn Elliott

Mid-Life Transits

Lean all about the incredibly potent series of transits we all go through aged 35-44. Referred to as the Mid-Life transits (or mid-life crisis transits!) these years are a potent opportunity to transform and reconnect to your true soul's path. Join me in this workshop to learn more and how to use these potent energies. A 90 minute workshop including chart examples.

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