It's time to begin your journey home...

Using the power of astro-cartography and locational astrology

It’s time to remember where you are meant to be

And where your soul is calling you home…

If you find yourself wondering…

Where to I belong in the world? 

How can I be more divinely guided in my travels? 

Is there a place where things get to feel more aligned, supportive, and easier for me? 

Then I invite you on a homecoming journey with me…  

Ellie Cleary about page

Your birth chart, spread over the world, like a map....

Each place, with its own unique planetary influence, energy and medicine, calling you...

For us to prosper, love, and come home to ourselves...

astrocartography reading compass

Using Astro-Cartography and other methods of locational astrology, we can tune in to the most aligned places on earth…

Imagine if…

  • You had a map showing you the most aligned and supportive places for you to live and travel to in the world
  • You could deepen your connection to the land
  • You could feel truly at home and connect with your people
  • You had a tool you could use to find the perfect place to attend a retreat, plan a relaxing getaway, find your next dream home, write the book you’ve always dreamed of, plan a business launch…
  • And much more! 

What Astro-Cartography Clients are saying

“My astrocartography session with Ellie gave me so much clarity as to where I have been and where I needed to go. Ellie’s deep intuitive insight helped me on my soul’s journey back home. Since I have moved to the destination mapped out by Ellie, my life has experienced so much more ease, connection and grounding. I can’t thank you enough Ellie!"
client testimonial
Natalie Dick
My session with Ellie was really eye-opening. Ellie built upon the simple things I knew and really dived deeper into who I am and how I can move forward using such a beautiful range of tools. I would highly recommend this reading to others who want to learn more about who they are and what direction they are destined to go in physically, mentally and spiritually! It’s a session full of clarity, understanding and aha moments and Ellie is very caring and insightful throughout. Thank you!"
Alice Testimonial
Alice Nettlingham

Included in your Astro-Cartography Session

1hr 15 minute session with me live on zoom

Recording of our session for you to download and keep as a timeless resource

Time to ground in together and get to the heart of your soul’s intention/inquiry

Guidance around current key transits to your natal chart that are playing a role at this time

Different geographic locations covered as per your intention

Intuitive guidance & oracle card pull.


I work with astro-cartography lines and local space lines (as well as your relocated chart)

When viewing your natal chart I predominantly work with whole sign houses. 

AstroCartography readings with Ellie Cleary

Hi, I’m Ellie…

Your Astro-Cartography guide.

With 50 countries under my belt, 4 of which I’ve called home for extended periods, I know a thing or two about the search for home.

I also know about the journeys that form our greatest rights of passage and the search for the places that will truly set us free.

As a travel priestess and your intuitive travel guide, I use my (Human Design) Reflector gifts to mirror back the answers you seek.

Like you, travel lives in my bones. Through travel and living in different places around the world, I have had my most beautiful life experiences, potent transformations, deepest initiations and found my greatest joy…

But perhaps most of all, through travel I have found my way home…

…And I help you to do the same.

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