AstroCartography readings and coaching with Ellie Cleary


I’m Ellie Cleary…

I’m here to stand at the gateway with you, as you hear your soul’s call to deepen, to chart a new path, and to remember…

… What it means for you to truly come home.

Like many, I started this journey of transformation as an outer one – travelling to over 45 countries and living on 3 different continents, until the stars – my guides – told me it was time to start the deepest journey of all — down and in, to the very core of my soul.

Now, I live on my native lands of the UK for half the year and in my soul home – India – for the other half of each year. I live between two of my Jupiter lines/places.

I am a trained Astrologer (my specialty is Astro-Cartography and other types of locational astrology), Priestess and trained Coach, I am here as a guide for my clients’ own stories of homecoming, initiation and reclamation.

My Homecoming Journey

Although I’ve always been a born traveller, it was through my search for home that I came across Astro-Cartography and accepted the path of embodiment that I am here to learn and share.

At age 37, my Nodal return and Pluto square Pluto transits hit. Requiring me to face the underworld, my shadows, and above all my inner power that I had subconsciously been running away from.

My personal initiations surfaced in the form of chronic physical symptoms in my body that would not go away, no matter what I tried.

Ultimately, they brought me home to face the truth of emotional abuse, unhealthy relationships, and the neglect of my own body and spirit.

Somewhere, in the middle of the chaos of cutting myself loose and facing the underworld, I found a spark deep within, that swirled around inside me, an intense remembrance of the parts of me I had forgotten…

As I moved through some of the deepest initiations of my life, I learned three very important things.

1) That the female body is one of the most powerful oracles there is. We know. It’s just that for hundreds of years, we’ve been taught not to trust ourselves. It is not safe.

2) That we don’t get to escape our soul lessons, but we do get to choose the places and environments that would be most supportive for us. We do get to experience the most supportive energy for us at the time.

3) We are never really afraid of not being “enough” – rather we afraid of being “too much”. It is no accident that women around the world have been disconnected from their power for centuries: Disconnected from their magic, their intuition, their wisdom and their sexuality. After all… A woman connected to these aspects of herself is a truly powerful being.

A little about me…

I’m a Taurus sun (and stellium!). Aquarius moon. Pisces rising, Sagittarius Midheaven.

In Human Design I’m a 6/2 Reflector, and as such my role is to mirror truth.

I’m a Priestess of the Rose. I follow the path back to the heart, the heart of love, and I am an initiate of the many faces of the Goddess – most notably the Goddess of Love who lives within Venus, Aphrodite, the Magdalene, Inanna, Shakti, Laxmi and Kali Ma… to name but a few!

For as long as I can remember, travel was always in my bones. I would dream of foreign places, and my dream was to travel far away, to a place where I would truly feel at home.

So not surprisingly, I spent 15 years working in travel and tourism before leaving the corporate world to set up my own travel projects and birthing several different iterations of my own business.

Fast forward to 2024 and I split my time between two countries. The UK, where I’m from, and the places that is dearest to my heart and my soul home… India, where I spend half of my time.

I have lived and embodied my astro-cartography in so many ways, not least through learning that the truest journey home is back within, to the deeply powerful seat of our wombs.

It was my outer journey to all the different places that led me to the inner journey, the one most of us avoid… the journey back to our hearts and truly feeling at home within ourselves.

Ellie Cleary about page

It is through combining the inner and outer journey that we can truly find our way home to ourselves and open our hearts to life.

More about Ellie

Ellie is a former tourism professional with over 15 years experience in working for global hospitality & travel companies at an executive level. She is a trained Astrologer and Locational Astrologer, and is also a trained Sex, Love and Relationships Coach using the VITA (Vital Integrated Tantric Approach), a 600 hour + coaching certification by Layla Martin (currently awaiting certification).

My Teachers & Lineages

Ellie is devoted to the path of the Rose Priestess and is a Scent Anointing Priestess initiate under the guidance of the 13 Moon Mystery School and my teachers Elayne Kalila and Diana Dubrow. This is the path in devotion to the Magdalene teachings and the way of love, which has many homes and lineages. In the UK (Ellie’s natal home), this lineage centres around Avalon.

In my Astrology work, I have studied and draw upon multiple traditions and lineages. Some of those that have impacted me the most:

  • The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School established by Daniel Gianmario & Cayelin Castell – now referred to as TOTAMS (Turning of the Ages Mystery School)
  • Venus Alchemy – A Ceremonial Initiation pathway created by Tami Brunk and Cayelin Castell, now lead by Cayelin Castell and Sheridan Semple
  • Gemini Brett’s teachings on Astro-Locality and Earth-Sky Astrology

In my own practice and in readings, I work with the tropical zodiac and reference different house systems – I am currently mostly working with Equal Sign, Whole Sign and Placidus houses.

My personal ancestry is half English, half Irish (mix of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland). As a cis-gendered white female, I acknowledge my privilege and that I come from ancestry of both the colonised and the colonisers. I am currently engaged in my own anti-racism education work, which includes a commitment to learning more about the courageous Freedom Fighters in India during the years of Colonial oppression of India by the British. This is important to me as I spend half of my time in India each year.

It is my intention to always honour my teachers and the lineage of any work that I share, wherever possible.

I offer a select number of scholarships for readings and coaching each year for those who have experienced oppression and financial hardship. Please contact me for more information on how to apply.

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