It's time to begin your journey home.

What would it feel like to truly come home to yourself? To come all the way in to your soul essence, your divine feminine power, and walk the path you came here to embody?

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Where the Sky meets the Land meets the Sea...

Welcome, dear one. I am honoured to be here with you, walking this path of reclamation. I bridge the mysteries of the sky, the land and the ocean: I connect to the wisdom of the cosmos and bring it down to earth to be deeply embodied, through our divine, sensuous, sacred physical vessels. As we open to the journey of embodiment, we also re-connect to the sacred waters within. I am here to hold those brave enough to walk this path of return - to our deepest feminine power and opening to the way of love.

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  • Are you ready to claim your true inner home and power? In my feminine embodiment and homecoming coaching for women I help you come home inside yourself.

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Hi, I'm Ellie...

Rose Priestess, earthy Taurus (sun) and catalyser, I bring the guiding light you need to your own personal journey home.

As a traveller who has been location independent for the last 8 years and lived between several countries, I understand the feeling of longing for home - both within and without. I help you access the deep power that comes from working with the energies of the sky and the land together, and connecting them through our bodies.

As a locational Astrologer, feminine embodiment and home-coming coach, I help you re-find the home that has been within you all along...

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What some of my amazing clients are saying

  • “My astrocartography session with Ellie gave me so much clarity as to where I have been and where I needed to go. Ellie’s deep intuitive insight helped me on my soul’s journey back home. Since I have moved to the destination mapped out by Ellie, my life has experienced so much more ease, connection and grounding. I can’t thank you enough Ellie!

    Natalie Dick Energy Healer
  • The coaching sessions with Ellie were truly amazing. To me they were eye-opening, deeply transforming and healing. I did not really know what to expect at the beginning, however, all my doubts were taken away very quickly. Ellie has such a wonderful way of communicating and I felt immediately at ease.

    Kathrin Mundwilder Creative Photographer

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