What would it feel like to come home to...

Your true sense of belonging

Your true feminine power

And your true inner knowing

After 8+ years of full time travel, here’s what I learned…

The search for home is mostly an inside job. 

We can travel the world looking for the places where we feel good, but ultimately — the real wisdom that has been waiting for us lies within. 

Our power lies in wait within the parts of us that have been suppressed. 

In the feelings we have avoided going into. 

In the shadows waiting to be transmuted into gold. 

homecoming coaching

Home is more than where we live

It is a journey of remembrance

Back to our power of who we truly are…

Can you feel her rising in you?  

Ellie Cleary coaching

Coaching Paths

womens sexuality coaching
life transitions coaching
inner child coaching

According to your needs and coaching goals, we will tailor the best coaching journey for you. 

Feminine Embodiment & Women’s sexuality – For women looking to come home to their full eros, divine feminine power within and birth the fully expressed, grounded & vibrant embodiment of your soul that you came here to be. 

Life Transitions – Do you feel the things that are falling away? Are you in a chapter of dismantling, through grief, death in some form, or feel yourself in an autumn or winter season? This path honours the seasons of letting go and release, allowing you to step into that portal of re-birth. 

Inner Child Healing & Homecoming – So often the wounds and triggers we carry are not so much within the adult versions of ourselves, but from what we learned about life as a little child. We all have a child within that longs for unconditional love and nurturing – and guess what, they want to receive that from YOU. When our child-like parts feel safe, that’s when the magic starts… 

Some of the tools we may use on your coaching journey

  • Parts work (for example, working with your inner child & other sub-personalities)
  • Astrology & Intention setting for lunar cycles
  • Astro-Cartography (locational astrology)
  • Embodiment practices
  • Breathwork
  • Intuitive journeying
  • Grounding practices
  • Rituals for seasonal change and transitions
  • Oracle and intuitive guidance

We don't become who we are.

We remember.

My role is to bring you back to the essence of who you are and what your soul is asking for at this time. 

Whether you are looking to fully claim your embodied pleasure; you are going through a period of intense transition or rebirth and need the light at the end of the tunnel; or simply want to deepen further into the layers of who you are…

I invite you on a homecoming journey with me. 

Are you ready to remember?

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