Ellie Cleary Astrocartography and coaching

Do you hear the call, that it's time to step forward?

Browse my current offerings for women who know that a journey – literally or metaphorically – is calling them. Who find themselves poised and almost ready… 

…to take that next step.  

It’s Time to Honour the Call of your Soul

We always know when it’s our time. 

Time to step out. Time to take the journey. 

We hear the intuitive call. 

But so often, the path ahead is obscured from vision. 

There may be fog. There will be many twists and turns. 

But what, if instead, you could take that next step forward, knowing that you are guided and supported

This is the intention behind my offerings. To give you the practices, guidance and support you need on your journey to where your soul is calling you to be – within and without. 

The Gateway

A Bespoke Intuitive & Astrological Reading to Explore your Soul’s Journey

For those about to deepen on the spiral of transformation and feel it’s time to step over a threshold. 

We explore your birth chart/transits, locational astrology (including astro-cartography) and intuitive guidance available for you during this 1 hour reading (live on zoom) to explore where and how your soul is being called to deepen. 


The Journey

A 3 Month Embodied Coaching Container for Women Navigating Transitions, Transformation and Re-birth

For women who desire to be supported along the twists and turns of life’s initiations that lead us on a journey of reclamation. 

Through this coaching collaboration, we will journey to find what is wanting to be reclaimed within you, what needs to be shed, and play with how to embody within your human form all the divine wisdom that wishes to be expressed through you. 

A deeply grounded embodiment of the journey of evolution your soul is on.


Workshops & Classes

Ready – to – download workshops and classes to study at your own pace – including learning more about locational astrology, learn astro-cartography basics and more about how to work with transits in your life.


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