• “My astrocartography session with Ellie gave me so much clarity as to where I have been and where I needed to go. Ellie’s deep intuitive insight helped me on my soul’s journey back home. Since I have moved to the destination mapped out by Ellie, my life has experienced so much more ease, connection and grounding. I can’t thank you enough Ellie!"

    Natalie Dick Canada
  • "My Soul Travel Oracle Experience was really eye-opening. Ellie built upon the simple things I knew and really dived deeper into who I am and how I can move forward using such a beautiful range of tools. I would highly recommend this reading to others who want to learn more about who they are and what direction they are destined to go in physically, mentally and spiritually! It’s a session full of clarity, understanding and aha moments and Ellie is very caring and insightful throughout. Thank you!"

    Alice Nettleingham UK
  • "The coaching sessions with Ellie were truly amazing. To me they were eye-opening, deeply transforming and healing.

    I did not really know what to expect at the beginning. Mainly because I was a bit sceptical as to how well it would work to have the coaching sessions online.

    However, all my doubts were taken away very quickly. Ellie has such a wonderful way of communicating and I felt immediately at ease. It was the first time for me to do inner child work. It was quite confronting at first and I felt vulnerable, but Ellie created this very safe space for me where I could freely explore and learn more about myself. Ellie has a tremendous amount of knowledge which she is happy to share, although never in a pushy way. I also loved that Ellie would add some astrology to the sessions when she felt it was helpful.

    After my first sessions with Ellie I feel stronger, more connected and more grounded and ready to take on whatever comes my way. I can highly recommend this beautiful journey to anyone!"

    Kathrin Mundwilder Netherlands
  • 'Ellie is a warm and wise woman with an open heart and a deep knowledge of both astrology and the human condition. I found it incredibly easy to open up to her, and I left each of our sessions feeling at once grounded and uplifted. I hope to work with her again soon."

    Paige United States
  • "It made so much sense to me why I'm feeling the way that I do in my current living situation, and the reading gave me clarity about how to work with the energies here in a more supportive way.

    Ellie has such a grounding presence and I got so much from my astro-cartography reading with her.

    it was amazing to see some of my major lines go through the places that I love, live in, and am drawn to. It feels empowering to know which places are supportive for me, and that my intuition is right when it leads me to a specific place. Thank you Ellie!"

    Hannah Summerhill United States