Venus Rising Mentorship

Divine Feminine Mentorship & Coaching

A journey of remembrance, reclamation and re-awakening

Your eros, your power, your sovereignty… 

And above all — who you came here to be.

Divine Feminine, 

You know that you came here to make a difference
To share your magic, your wisdom and your unique healing with the world

But, despite this deep inner knowing, do you feel like you’re stuck in the same old patterns, turning in circles, and all that you aspire to be and do, somehow still seems separate from ‘you’? 

If so, take heart. 

Beloved, it's time for you to rise.

Divine feminine coaching

Are you being called on a journey of Empowerment & Reclamation?

As our sacred feminine teacher in the sky, Venus reminds us that we must bridge the wisdom of the skies with the earth, through our divine, physical bodies.

That it is through coming home to the power within us – through the sacred practices of embodiment…

That we can truly reclaim our feminine gifts and power. 

Before we can rise, we must first descend… 

Deep into our inner knowing, our inner oracle and inner remembrance

Of our soul’s unique path here on this earth at this time. 

The feminine path, the Venus path of awakening is the path of Embodiment. 

When we reconnect to our blood, our flesh, our bones and the land… we connect to the deeply intwined rhythms and magic of the sacred feminine that echo through our bodies and our land.

It is when we root down deep into our sacred sexuality and sensuality within our bodies, that we remember our power.  



3 months

5 Gateways

You will journey deeply to (re)discover your Eros, your Power, Your Sovereignty… 

And who you came here to be. 

Applications open until June 30th 2024.

"Ellie has a way of allowing, of seeing, of acknowledging, that creates a cocoon of safety and acceptance. When I am in your presence I feel your gentle heart and your incisive intuition and your connection to ancient wisdom."
Lumina headshot testimonial
Lumina Hasenyager
Venus Rising Gateway 1

Gateway 1 


Soften and unfold into the feeling of support

Re-Connect with the land and your roots

Re-Orient to be held by the earth & the Great Mother

Calibrate to the cosmic lessons that are currently serving your soul

Gateway 2


Surrender into the divine unfolding

Release in embodied ecstasy

Allow the gentle opening of your heart

Experience the deliciousness of stillness

Sacred feminine coaching with Ellie Cleary
sacred feminine coaching

Gateway 3


Come into sacred union within

Welcome and reclaim wholeness through integration of your beautiful parts of self

Connect to your pleasure, your eros, your ecstasy, your sacred sexuality

Remember your innermost, magical power & essence

Gateway 4

Ecstatic (re)birth

Unfurl into your authentic expression 

Embody your inner sovereignty, power and sexuality

Deepen with your inner sacred masculine for support and aligned action

Birth your sacred creations and joy into the world

sacred sexuality coaching
priestess coaching Ellie Cleary

Gateway 5


Celebration & Ceremony

Walking forward

"Working with Ellie felt so easeful and supportive. I felt truly seen, and I knew I could trust her to expertly take me deeper into remembrance and reclamation of my soul’s path."
Elsa testimonial
Elsa Alegria

Hi, I’m Ellie… 

And my journey so far in this lifetime has been to come back to the truth that all our power lies deep within. 

My purpose is to awaken, bring truth and provide a container of loving holding for your reclamation and unfurling. 

I spent much of the first part of my life travelling far and wide, in search of something – of home, of answers. 

Until of course I had my mid-life crisis and remembered that all my power and gifts were within. 

And so my journey has been a remembrance of the power of feminine ecstatic embodiment. 

That our wombs are the most powerful oracles there are. 

That our power lies deep down inside of us, inside of our shakti, our eros, just waiting to be freed to rise up from within our root. 

As a certified Scent Priestess, Sex Love and Relationships Coach, Astrologer and Astro-Cartographer as well as initiate of Venus and the Goddess of Love in all her forms.. I weave my tools and learned experience to custom-create the container for you to rise. 

Ellie Cleary coaching

Beloved, this journey is for you if…

You feel a new version of yourself calling to be birthed

You are fed up of the same patterns playing out and repeating in your life

You are ready to embrace your shadows and claim your deep expression, eros and power

You are ready to commit to yourself, your dreams, your potential and do the embodiment work to ground in your desires

You desire to feel deeply rooted in the truth of your soul

And… you desire to move through blocks around the fullness of your power, expression, work and sexuality. 

By the end of this journey together… 

You will feel more confident and grounded in your truth

You will receive deeper clarity on who you are at a soul level and who you came here to be

You will have the tools and practices available to you to re-centre, connect and re-ground to use when you need them

You will feel an unshakeable sense of your inner power…

…your divine feminine energy…

…that you cannot be separated from. 

moon line astrocartography

The Journey

Fully bespoke, custom-created 3 Month container

Total of 9 x 75 minute private coaching sessions with me (live on zoom)

Weekly Voice Note or Email check-in support (via Telegram messaging app or email)

Modalities we may use Include

Beloved, everything is custom-created and chosen for you and with you.

Parts-work Coaching | Intuitive Journeying | Anointing & Embodiment Rituals | Venus (Astrological) Signatures

Sacred Sexuality practices | Breathwork | Astrology & Astro-Cartography | Oracle


$888 USD per month (for 3 months)

Or $2,444 USD paid-in-full

Applications open until 30th June 2024.

venus, the goddess of love, reminds us that embodiment is always the key.

It is only through coming home to our sacred bodies that we are able to experience the ecstasy of life, the fullness of the essence...

...and to walk the beautiful path of our human-ness

so that we may fully embody our soul essence and mission.

Are you ready to answer the call to your rising?

For those who hear the call to this path and are ready to go deeper, I invite you to book a connection call to me to answer questions you have and to experience each others’ energies.

This is a free 20 minute intro call that’s designed to see if we are a good fit for working together and how I can help you. I will make recommendations about the best way we can work together – but note that this call is not a coaching session or a reading.

Applications close for this round on 30th June 2024 & limited spaces are available as I only work with a small number of coaching clients at a time. 

Let's Connect