the Venus underworld with Damascena Tanis interview

Venus Rising Podcast – Episode 003 – The Venus Underworld Initiation with Damascena Tanis

In this episode of the Venus Rising podcast, join me for this conversation with fellow Astrologer and deep wisdom holder of the Venus mysteries, Damascena Tanis. We explore what the Venus underworld is, what the opportunities are for us in this phase of the Venus synodic cycle, and how to deepen into a rooted sense of support during these times of great change.

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About Damascena:

Damascena is an archetypal astrologer, Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, and The Facilitator of the Transformative Journey through the Mandala of Venus’ Wisdom, called “Sky Dancer”. 

She is a passionate devotee of the ever unfolding mystery. As a professional observer, a trait she developed as an only child, she regards herself as both a student of life, and decoder of the cosmos. Skilled at recognizing invisible patterns, and picking up on subtle shifts in the collective, she gets a thrill from uncovering and revealing the hidden threads that are woven together to create our paradigm. 

She lives on the Shores of Lake Erie with her four kids, and Two little Goddess cats, Meave and Freya. 

These days, when she isn’t interpreting a natal chart, or translating the stars for her astrology practice , you can find her engaging in one of her favorite post pandemic pastimes, of unraveling her inner “good girl”, cultivating the ability to thrive in the deep, dark, unknown, or playing her favorite game of identifying fun paradoxes called “two things are true at once”. 

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About the Venus Rising Podcast

On Venus Rising, I share personal stories, guest interviews and conversations around all aspects of healing the divine feminine, who is rising so strongly at this time, with Venus – the Goddess of Love – as our guide and initiator. 

Join me for more on feminine embodiment, transformation and deep life transitions, personal stories of growth as well as astrology & astro-cartography. 

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To our rising…