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Venus Rising Podcast – Episode 004 – The MidLife (Crisis) Transits

On this episode of Venus Rising, host Ellie Cleary talks about one of her current favourite astrology topics – the mid-life “crisis” transits that we all go through aged 36-44 that take us on a journey of reclamation and remembrance, back to the core essence of who we are and what we came here to do. 

Join me to learn more about these powerful transits, some of the archetypes we are initiated by and called to work closely with, as well as some of my own experiences of them. I cover questions like is it really better to know about these transits, and how we can work positively with them. 

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About the Venus Rising Podcast

On Venus Rising, I share personal stories, guest interviews and conversations around all aspects of healing the divine feminine, who is rising so strongly at this time, with Venus – the Goddess of Love – as our guide and initiator. 

Join me for more on feminine embodiment, transformation and deep life transitions, personal stories of growth as well as astrology & astro-cartography. 

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To our rising…