Neptune 2025 Astrology - Venus Rising Podcast Episode 008 Ellie Cleary

Venus Rising Podcast – Episode 008 – The Dance of Neptune & Saturn 2024-6

On this episode of Venus Rising, I talk about the current pivotal transit of Neptune at the last degree of the zodiac (in Pisces) and his dance with Saturn as we lead up to the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in February 2026 and what this means for us individually and collectively.  

Join me to learn more about what this transit (which is a huge deal!) means, and how you might be feeling the current Neptune energy, how to navigate the Neptune energy, and what his meeting with Saturn means. 

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About the Venus Rising Podcast

On Venus Rising, I share personal stories, guest interviews and conversations around all aspects of healing the divine feminine, who is rising so strongly at this time, with Venus – the Goddess of Love – as our guide and initiator. 

Join me for more on feminine embodiment, transformation and deep life transitions, personal stories of growth as well as astrology & astro-cartography. 

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