Intuitive & Astrological Sessions

To bring you… 

Back to your centre

Back to your own inner knowing

Back to your own sacred union within

And back home to your soul.

Welcome, dear one… 

Below you will find my current offerings for one-off sessions and readings with me. 

My invitation is to connect with your heart, take a breath, and see which one calls to you most at this time. 

Which ever you pick, know that our time together will be custom-tailored to you, your journey, your soul – call and will be intuitively guided to what you need at this time. 

Come, enter in, and be held on your journey back to the core of who your soul called you here to be. 

Sessions with Me

A reading or session with me is always a co-creation between the highest parts of me and you. 

I do not give “readings” in the traditional sense that I am telling you what to do or that any knowledge is outside of you. 

Instead, our time together is a conversation towards reclamation and remembrance of what you already know to be true, deep within your soul. 

When working with Astrology, I weave different traditions and teachings to tap in to what is going to support you most in the moment. Traditions that I have studied and draw heavily on in my work include Shamanic Astrology (now the Turning of the Ages Mystery School), the Venus mysteries & synodic cycles, and AstroLocality. I work with western tropical astrology and mostly work with equal sign and whole sign house systems. I believe that Astrology should be an empowering system of guidance for all.

Beyond Astrology, intuitive guidance and oracle, we may do some guided meditations in your session, or simple embodiment practices for greater integration. 

Every session with me is a safe, nurturing space for you to unfurl into the truth of the next step of your becoming. 

If you desire sustained support beyond an individual session, you can find my coaching offerings here.

Astro-Cartography Session

If you are on a geographical journey, or looking for that place where your soul can feel at home, through travel or relocation, AstroCartography can help. Through working with this technique of looking at your natal chart as it corresponds to different places in the world, we can find the most supportive and aligned places for you based on where you are on your journey. Come, and begin your journey home. 

Venus Sacred Feminine Activation Session

Receive clarity on your Venus Archetype & gifts…Through uncovering the phase of the Venus astrological synodic cycle you were born at we will discover your Venus Archetype, which Gateway you were born at, and which Overtone Goddess is your guide…

So that you can deepen into your gifts, challenges and alchemy of the Venus sacred feminine medicine you are here to express

The Gateway Session

Do you feel yourself on the cusp of great change? Where deep down, you feel that you are stepping forward onto the path of expansion or deepening into who you truly came here to be? In this session, we explore how you are being called to step over the threshold in the next phase of your life, and what life transitions you are being called to move through. 

Natal Chart & Transits Session

If you’re looking to get an in-depth look at your natal chart (or current transits to your chart), this is the session for you. Suitable for whether you’re new to astrology or have already been working with your chart for a while. In this session, we will deepen into how your chart can offer guidance for you at this time. 

natal chart reading

What Clients are Saying

"Working with Ellie felt so easeful and supportive. I felt truly seen, and I knew I could trust her to expertly take me deeper into the exploration of my chart and AstroCartography to bring me into deeper remembrance and reclamation of my soul’s path."
Elsa testimonial
Elsa Alegria

Looking for longer term support instead of an individual session? Find my coaching offerings here

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