2024 Astrology key dates by Ellie Cleary

2024 Astrology Forecast & A Personal Note on 2023

Curious about what 2024 holds for you? In this 2024 astrology forecast I have handpicked some of the key dates which are packed with momentum and potential and you’ll want to keep your eye on. I also share a short personal memoir on 2023 now that we are able to reflect back on this transformative year.

2023 in the Rear-View Mirror

Astrology for the most part looks forward.

I often think it would be more interesting if more astrologers looked back, and shared stories *after* key transits and how they manifested – as the truth is there are so many potential ways in which things *could* play out. We know the energies, we know the archetypes, and can make well-informed guesses on how particular transits may affect us or others, but we never know for sure until we experience them.

And so, in the spirit of winter solstice reflection, I share a brief look back at some of my 2023. If you’re just here for the 2024 key astrology transits part and how to work with them – scroll down!

2023 has been a huge year of shifts for me both personally and in my work, that have seen me retire my previous travel blogs/websites & India travel business, which I had set up in 2016. I’ve been called to let go of more things I can think of, with the medicine of Pluto transits strongly working through me, and that journey for me continues into 2024, 2025 and beyond.

Rahu and Ketu represent the north and south node in Vedic Astrology

Pluto & the Nodes in 2023

Over the last couple of months I’ve wound up my Pluto square Pluto transit (this is when transit Pluto in the sky squares your natal Pluto, which is happening for most of us currently around age 40). I entered this transit in March 2021 and finally cleared its shadow this November.

I can now finally start to see the greater meaning and purpose of all that was being dismantled and the underworld journey of death and transformation I was forced to take at this time. A divorce, a new home (and several moves), and essentially a new life (! – this is what Pluto will do for you) later, I am grateful for all the transformation which served my highest good – but would not wish to repeat this chapter ever given how painful and confronting it was.

Pluto, of course, was helping me to reclaim my power.

Want to find out how Pluto works in AstroCartography? You can read my post on Pluto lines here.

January 2022 – July 2023 also saw the Nodes of Destiny move through Taurus and Scorpio. I experienced multiple eclipses to my Taurus sun and other planets, and to my Saturn in Scorpio. It is only now that the Nodes have moved to Aries and Libra, and we experienced our first Scorpio new moon that was not an eclipse back in November 2023, that again I gained perspective on all that had been unfolding for me over the past 18 months. One fun anecdote is that on an eclipse to my natal Taurus sun, I discovered I was actually a Pisces rising (I had thought previously I was Aquarius rising, but my Mum had told me the wrong time of birth! We found it written down on records from the hospital, going through old things during the eclipse window…)

Eclipses to my Saturn in Scorpio in my 9th house saw me uncovering stories of past lives in India and connecting to my ancestors.

As an aside – if you currently have your north or south node in Aries or Libra, or have other Aries & Libra planets, know that you, too, are currently on a high-speed journey of transformation. The dust will start to settle and clarity will return after January 2025.

Speaking of the Nodes of Destiny (the north and south node, which are karmic points on the moon indicating our soul’s journey in this lifetime) – we all, collectively, experienced the impact of Pluto squaring the nodes starting in July 2023. We are now towards the tail end of this, but the nodes are still loosely square Pluto).

This Pluto-Nodal square packed a punch. All of us have been initiated into facing the shadows of where we are not following our soul’s calling: The karmic jobs and people that hold us back. The situations that keep us stuck. All of the things that getting in the way of what we know deep down we came here to do.

And if you are still hanging on to things that you know really need to go… the perfect time is now. In 2024 we are really being called to get ready for showing up in the most aligned way (more on that below).

Venus astrology 2024


I’ve been working with the synodic cycles of Venus for a few years now (these are the wider, overarching cycles of Venus) and completed my personal Venus return, which you get every 8 years, as we wrapped up the wider Venus in Capricorn cycle in July 2023.

Venus then stationed retrograde in the sign of Leo in July and August this year, signalling the start of a whole new Venus in Leo cycle that lasts until January 2025.

Considering my personal Venus return was complete, that I thought was that. Venus is the lesser benefic in astrology (Jupiter being the greater benefic) and she’s one of most people’s favourite planets. But as well as bringing blessings, Venus also initiates. The feminine is not all love and light – she too descends to the underworld. During my personal Venus return I went through many initiations – and I was honestly glad that that transit was ending.

Want to know how Venus can benefit you in AstroCartography? Read my post on Venus Lines here.

But just a few days into the Venus in Leo cycle, I woke up early in the morning and heard a voice (in my head), saying come outside and look at me. Sleepily I got up and went outside to see Venus twinkling in the sky above together with the waning balsamic crescent moon.

I knew that Venus was far from done with me.

Collectively, this Leo Venus cycle is initiating us to reclaim our feminine sovereignty, our Queendom – and to face all the shadowy or fear driven places where we have kept ourselves small or not dared to show ourselves as the sovereign queens that we are.

Gratitude to 2023

I’m grateful for all the transitions and transformation that 2023 has brought. It has been a year that astrologically has seen us reaching the tipping point in the rebalancing of the scales. We are deep in the birth canal for the next stage, deep in the labour pains — perhaps with not much (yet) being shown for our efforts.

But the pains are needed. They are bringing us to where we need to be.

My personal favourite transit of 2023 was back in July when we had both Venus and Mars close together (but not exactly conjunct) in Leo. Here in the UK we had amazing weather, people were outside enjoying themselves and life felt good. And then of course, Venus turned back and entered her retrograde cycle. 2024 will see us picking up on some of that vibe (read below).

What was your favourite 2023 transit?

2024 sees us leaving the certainty of Earth behind and following the flow of Air

Looking Ahead to 2024

We continue down the birth canal.

The labour pains continue, towards the new world that is being birthed in 2025, 2026 and beyond.

One of the key things to know about the astrology of 2024-2026 is that it’s *not normal* – in that we have ALL of the outer planets (from Jupiter through to Pluto) changing signs.

Given planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto spend between 12-20+ years moving through one zodiac sign, it is not a normal turn of events that they all shift signs within the same 1-2 years.

This is also part of a larger shift from the element of Earth to the elements of Air and Fire.

2025 is the biggest year of those outer planet shifts, but, there are significant developments and changes that lie ahead in 2024. If you have a lot of Air in your chart (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the transits of 2024 may feel more supportive and help to put the wind in your sails. For those with other elements, they may prove more challenging.

Here are my pick of some of the key transits of 2024 and some of the opportunities they offer.

Working with Transits

The energies below are available for us all to feel into and work with. However, you are likely to feel them all the more strongly with personal influence for you if you are highly sensitive to transits, and/or they aspect your natal chart.

That means that if you have any planets in your natal chart (or angles, such as your ascendant) within a few degrees (or forming a square, trine, opposition etc), you are likely to feel the energy impacting you personally much more strongly.

Want to know how these transits will impact you? Book a reading with me here

Pluto leaving Capricorn 2024
As Pluto exposes the final cracks in Capricorn earth in 2024, he moves back into Aquarius

Pluto enters Aquarius – Take Two

Pluto entered Aquarius briefly this year, from 24th March – 12th June 2023, before retrograding back into the last degrees of Capricorn. In 2024, Pluto moves forward back into Aquarius on 22nd January, where he will stay until the 3rd September, when he makes one last retrograde exit back into Capricorn until the 20th November 2024.

From 20th November 2024, Pluto moves fully into Aquarius for the next 20 years.

By now, we have had a preview of what Pluto in Aquarius can bring. And we have also seen full on the toxic Plutocracy that Pluto in Capricorn is exposing for all to see. The abuses of power by those in positions of power – where Pluto in Aquarius will instead demand on handing over power to the people – and experiencing the shadows that can arise from that.

Throughout this Pluto in Aquarius transit we are being asked to remember our humanity.

We have all seen the rapid rise of technology and AI (Aquarius ruled topics), and what we need to remember here is to ask the question: Is technology serving us, or are we being used to serve the technology? Who is the technology serving?

Rebellion and revolution are on the wind. It was during the last Pluto in Aquarius transit that we saw the French Revolution, and while who doesn’t find a rendition of “Do you Hear the People Sing” a rallying call, we would do well to remember that many heads rolled during that revolution, and not just the heads of the “bad guys”. Ordinary people starved in the streets.

With Pluto in Aquarius, we have to make sure that we do not forget our own humanity, through getting excited about a greater cause. Take a moment to check in with your higher self, before getting swept along with the crowd (or mob!).

How to work with this Transit: Where do you have 0-2 degrees of Aquarius in your chart? Which house is it? Do you have any planets or angles (your ascendant, midheaven etc) in the early degrees of Aquarius? These are the areas of your life where you are being told that this is your time to step forward and lead/serve: Pluto wants you to reclaim your power here.

Especially empowering for: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Most Challenging for: Leo, also an aspect of tension for Taurus & Scorpio

Venus Mars conjunction 2024 February

Venus meets Mars, almost in time for Valentine’s Day

Venus and Mars meet (conjunct) one another roughly every 2 years, signalling the start of a whole new Venus-Mars cycle – that is a dance between the divine feminine and divine masculine archetypes.

On 22nd February 2024, Venus and Mars conjunct at 6 degrees of Aquarius, in close proximity to Pluto who they have recently passed at 1 degree of Aquarius.

This alignment calls in new creative beginnings, new relationships (or new relationship cycles) for the coming 2 years. It is a seed point and re-balancing between the Masculine (Mars) and Feminine (Venus) polarities – both within ourselves and externally. We all need both energies within us and without.

Occurring in the sign of Aquarius, this conjunction takes us back to mid February 2022 when we had the last Venus-Mars conjunction. What has come full circle since then? What are you now seeding with intentions of fertility? Aquarius calls for us to consider the creative good, and with the Moon passing through Leo at the time of this conjunction, we are called to take a final look at anything that came up during Venus retrograde (in Leo) during July-September 2023.

Especially Empowering for: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Most Challenging for: Leo, also an aspect of tension for Taurus & Scorpio

jupiter uranus conjunction 2024 meaning

Jupiter meets Uranus – a whole new world?

Jupiter – Uranus conjunctions are (also) highly creative and innovative conjunctions that happen roughly every 14 years. The last Jupiter Uranus conjunction we had was in 2011, and happened in late Pisces.

This time, the Jupiter – Uranus conjunction occurs on 21st April at 21 degrees of Taurus (just as the sun enters Taurus too) – so if you have any planets or angles around this degree of Taurus (say 15-25 degrees of Taurus), this conjunction will be especially important for you personally as well as for the collective. Venus is also conjunct Chiron at this time, bringing hope for much needed healing of old hurts.

Jupiter – Uranus conjunctions bring in lucky breakthroughs, they can bring in revolutionary changes, creative solutions, but also the need for more expansion and freedom to pursue our beliefs and creativity.

As with all planetary transits, this could manifest in a number of ways. We could see an increased volume of international travel – or simply new ways of travelling internationally, perhaps through virtual reality. We could see breakthroughs in sustainable living and new climate change agreements made, or our relationship with the earth revolutionised.

As the bringer of peace and optimism, let us hope that this Jupiter transit may help bring more stability and peace to the places we need it.

This conjunction is a much needed grounding in the earth sign of Taurus before Jupiter moves into Air later this year.

Especially empowering for: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Most challenging for: Scorpio, also an aspect of tension for Leo & Aquarius

Jupiter enters Gemini meanings 2024

Jupiter enters Gemini

Along with Pluto moving from the Earth sign of Capricorn into the Air sign of Aquarius in 2024, we also have Jupiter moving from the earth sign of Taurus into the Air sign of Gemini.

Jupiter moves into Gemini on May 27th and brings with it an expansion of the air energy and emphasis on the intellectual mind. Those with planets (or angles) in Gemini will receive Jupiter’s abundant blessings of wisdom, good luck and expansion as he passes through Gemini for the coming year (he stays in Gemini until mid June 2025).

Things that have been stuck or dragging their heels while Jupiter was in Taurus (a sign that does not like change) may suddenly pick up speed now. Communication becomes much easier now as ideas flow, but with all the shifts occurring as planets move into the element of Air we have to watch out for getting stuck in our heads. Emotions are just as valid a currency as thoughts are.

Topics such as AI, new ways of receiving information and exploring our local communities may come more to the forefront during this time.

Especially empowering for: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

More challenging for: Sagittarius, also an aspect of tension for Pisces & Virgo

Neptune in Pisces 2024 critical degree
Neptune at the last degree of Pisces may force us to ride the waves of our emotions

Neptune is still Lost at Sea

While Neptune does not make his big shift from Pisces to Aries until March 2025, Neptune is noteworthy in 2024 because he spends over 3 months at 29 degrees of Pisces from May – August 2024, which is the anaeretic degree.

Neptune has been in Pisces – the sign that he is the modern ruler of – since 2012. He spends roughly 12 years in a sign and so is one of the slowest moving planets of our solar system.

When planets are at the Anaeretic degree, they are at their fullest expression of that energy – often referred to as a ‘tipping point’ or ‘crisis’ energy. And with Neptune at the tipping point degree of the sign that he rules, we are in for some very strong Neptune/Pisces energy.

Neptune – as lord of the sea – connects us in to our emotions, our higher heart, compassion and unity. He is the endless ebb and flow of our emotions and erodes all boundaries and division. He helps us to return to each other with love and compassion for all beings, but the way he does so is by obscuring the 3D divisions and reality.

With Neptune at his anaeretic degree we may find ourselves lost at sea, confused, drained and emotionally overwhelmed by all that we have moved through since 2012. On the one hand this energy may serve as a balance for all the planets shifting in the air as Neptune reminds us to feel – rather than just think about – our emotions.

On the other, this could feel draining, confusing and counter intuitive as we are called to trust in the bigger picture, connect more with our spiritual guidance and see us focusing more on our ascended 5D than 3D reality.

Fortunately, Saturn also still moving through Pisces provides more of a grounding presence.

All this is in preparation for the huge shift of Neptune into Pisces in 2025 and his conjunction with Saturn at 0 Aries in 2026.

This energy is especially challenging for Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo and is a bit easier (though not easy) for Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

A Channelled Message from 2024

I am preparing you for big things. Big things, perhaps that you never thought possible. Perhaps, the things that you’ve been secretly afraid of for a very long time. And that is why I need you to surrender and drop the things that you know are old and outdated, even if they feel safe and comfortable.

I need you to connect with your higher self, and above all to come back to your heart. To remember that really, love, in all its forms, is the only answer.

I’m asking you to trust the wisdom of your heart as you birth new things in the world – new things that are much needed.

Remember the old adage, that a ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships were made for.

So, dear one, what is it time to let go of? How are you being called to set sail? What is it time to birth a new?