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Moon Line AstroCartography – Is it really the best place for you?

Moon lines are often a go-to in AstroCartography, and when you’re searching for information on Moon Line astrocartography, you’ll likely find glowing reports of moon lines, and how good they can feel. But is that always true? Not necessarily... keep reading to find out why.

In this guide to working with Moon lines in AstroCartography and locational astrology, I’ll cover what themes can come up on a Moon line, what they are good for, what to be aware of, as well as some of my personal experiences and anecdotes when working with Moon Lines in Astro-Cartography.

What is a Moon Line – AstroCartography?

When you look at your AstroCartography (also referred to as ACG maps and astromapping), you’ll see a series of lines, reflecting each of the planets plus the sun and moon, corresponding to the four angles of your birth chart.

Simply put, when you travel to, relocate to, or connect with a moon line place, you will be connecting deeply with the energies of your moon in your natal chart and all that she holds for you.

In Moon places, you are brought to connect to your natal moon, and themes of nurturance, feeling safe and secure, a connection to the mother and motherhood, and perhaps above all to your own emotional needs.

Exactly how that will express depends on your own natal chart – if you are familiar with astrology, you can imagine that someone with a Leo moon might experience their moon lines very differently than someone with a Pisces Moon conjunct their Chiron. If you’d like to find out how this might manifest for you and your chart, and if a Moon line would be a supportive place for you, you can book a personal reading with me here.

Moon lines will also often embody the moon’s own cyclical nature – the ebb and flow, the rise and fall, and the wisdom that no two moments (or days) are ever the same.

Why is the Moon Line so Powerful?

As humans, we have long been fascinated with the Moon.

On days where she is closest to the earth (known as perigee moons) and close to the horizon, she is resplendent, deeply mysterious and larger than life. We can stare at her for hours. We can feel her.

As women, our menstrual cycles are tied to the moon (they are the same length, 29 days). Our wombs mirror the moons cycles of waxing – fully ripe – waning – and then emptying out like the darkness of the moon.

Our tides – the oceanic kind and also the emotional kind – are directly linked to the moon. She rules over our ebb and flow.

The power of a full moon is real – just look at how animals respond, or spend a full moon night at a hospital to see how very real the effect of the moon’s cycles can be on all of us – not just women.

And if you are someone who was born at night, you are said to be ruled by your Moon rather than your Sun. You are a lunar being.

Think of the Moon and all she represents for you: What images come up?

In Vedic astrology (practiced in India) if you ask someone their “star sign” they’ll tell you their Moon sign instead of their Sun sign.

But perhaps the reason that Moon Lines in astrocartography feel so powerful to us, is that the Moon in our chart also represents our past.

Moon Lines: The Lines of Longing

In Shamanic Astrology, the Moon represents our past lives and what we already know, in addition to our emotional needs and connections with Mother.

The Moon is where we feel comfortable. It’s what we know well. It’s where we feel safe.

The Moon is our comfort zone.

And this for me, explains why we can long for our moon lines – even though we may never have been to the places that they run through.

Because somehow, in our soul, we already know them. We’ve already been there.

Moon lines are one of the lines I look to to find connections with past lives, especially in connection with maternal lineages and ancestry.

Stories from my Moon Line(s)

When I lived in Victoria, British Columbia, I developed something of a fascination with Haida Gwaii. If you’re not familiar with West Coast Canadian geography, Haida Gwaii is a large island located off the west coast of Canada, about 80 miles west of the northwest BC port town of Prince Rupert, and south of the Alaskan border.

This remote island in the middle of nowhere became a point of extensive research for me for its preservation of temperate rainforest, it’s rich indigenous culture which has managed to endure where most on the mainland has been continually assaulted and destroyed, and also – which tied in with my old work – for its efforts in sustainable, community driven tourism initiatives.

I did not know at the time that my Moon IC line ran right down the middle of Haida Gwaii.

I spent hours researching Haida Gwaii, despite never actually making it there (it’s a challenging and expensive place to visit).

I would stare at the images and my soul would feel nourished.

Another AstroCartography Moon Line place for me – and rather more accessible – is Scotland. When I realised that, I suddenly understood the longing of my soul for Scotland.

The excitement that I’d had ever since I could remember of getting on the train from London to Scotland. The feeling of being home whenever I’d see the Scottish lands around me. The dream I’ve had to one day live in a little house in the middle of a Scottish glen.

Scotland is also where I ended up, after being stranded during Covid-lockdowns in 2020, working on an organic farm in the middle of the Cairngorms national park. I sought nurture and safety (both very Moon topics) during a time of global upheaval on one of my Moon lines, without a second thought about it. I didn’t even think about my moon line consciously until later…

The same Moon Line also runs through Ireland and Northern Ireland, where my one half of my ancestry is from.

These are the places that call to me in my dreams. They are the places that whenever I connect to them, pull on my heart strings, and I hear calls of previous lives there.

The Medicine of Moon Lines

Like all lines in AstroCartography, the way these can show up in your experience can be both in the ‘light’ or more in ‘shadow’ – that is to say there are ‘fun’ things and ‘less fun’ things about any energy we choose to work with, and moon lines are no exception. How you experience this will also depend on how your natal moon is placed in your birth chart.

At their core, moon lines call us back into a state of softness and to remember our cyclical nature.

They help us remember that we have times when we lie fallow in the darkness of winter, we then burst into life for spring, revel in the joy of feeling held and nurtured in the summer sun, only to then once more retreat within to our cave for the inward turn of the seasons.

We can also think of Moon Lines and places as the nature of the mother.

But the mother is not just the beautiful serene figure who comforts and holds us – she can also be fierce, she can be the dark mother, and sometimes… in these times of being conditioned to believe that we should always be ‘doing’, the act of surrendering into rest is deeply challenging.

Some of the things Moon Lines are good for:

  • Children and Mothering, becoming a mother, conception (if you’re trying to get pregnant)
  • Nurturance – of yourself, the land, of others
  • Feeling safe and secure
  • Finding a place that feels familiar, homely and like you belong
  • Connecting with your own rhythms and feminine cycles of life
  • Connecting with your ancestry, past lives, and female lineages
  • Feeling your emotions and emotional healing

Some more challenging things about Moon Line energy:

  • The energy is not constant – it’s always changing, so it can feel more unsettling
  • It can feel ‘moony’ and moody – a bit depressing and melodramatic at times
  • It will force you to feel – and if you’re someone (moons in Air signs have a tendency to this) who avoids feeling your emotions, this can feel overwhelming to start with.
  • It is inward, nesting energy – if you’re a super lively get up and go person, the moon energy can feel more slow, lethargic and introverted
  • It’s probably going to be really hard to leave. Moon lines call to us, and it can be really hard to let go of the comfort – we can get over comfortable here.

Different Variants of the ACG Moon Lines

Like all lines in AstroCartography, you get four variants of the line, which correspond to the different angles of your natal chart, and so will highlight different themes – but all of them are likely to call to you.

  • Moon AS Line (Ascendant) – The Moon rising on your ascendant indicates embracing the Moon’s energy in who you are and how you show up in the world. Here, you learn to settle into and embrace your own natural rhythms, while deepening into the holding and nurturance available to your physical body in these places. You feel accepted and seen for who you are and who you are becoming. Also supportive for healing your physical body through moon magic and medicine.
  • Moon MC Line (Midheaven) – With the Moon on your Midheaven your work is on full display in the world and you may find yourself taking on a much more public role. Your nurturing and mothering abilities will be needed by those around you, and you could find yourself attracting those in need of your moonly medicine. You are likely to be seen as a “mothering” figure in some way. This is particularly supportive for those working predominantly with women, doing any kind of cyclical work or work with cycles (especially womens cycles). Make sure to schedule downtime to take care of your own needs and nurture yourself too.
  • Moon DC Line (Descendant) – The Moon Descendant Line will see your emotional needs reflected through intimate one on one partnerships and relationships. Here, you may find yourself drawing in a partner who it feels you’ve known for lifetimes, where you finish each others’ sentences and feel safe and comfortable in each others’ company – a good place for making strong love connections where your emotional needs are met.
  • Moon IC Line (Immum Coeli) – Probably the strongest Moon Line there is – this line will literally call you home – and once you are here, you will likely never want to leave. This line emphasises our home, roots, family and where we come to nest and rest – even if you never come here, you will ‘feel’ this place – this is likely a place that you have strong connections to from past lives.

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