Neptune line astrocartography

Lessons from my Neptune Line (AstroCartography)

Are you looking at your Neptune Line (astrocartogaphy) and wondering if it’s a good place for you? You’re not alone. Many of my clients come to me with questions about living on a Neptune line or asking if it’s a good place to visit. So — if this is you, you’re in the right place! 

In this guide I’ll cover what the Neptune Line represents in AstroCartography and locational astrology, what some of its hallmarks are, as well as sharing some stories of what happened for me when I spent an extended amount of time on one of my Astro-Cartography Neptune Lines at the beginning of 2023. 

What is a Neptune Line – AstroCartography? 

All astro-cartography lines are representative of the energy of the planet that they correspond to: So when you connect with or travel to a Neptune line, you can expect to experience the direct energy of Neptune, in relation to how he is expressed in your astrology birth chart. 

Neptune is the lord of the sea, he is the modern day ruler of the zodiac sign of Pisces, and as such can be said to be one of the most evolved (and complex) energies to work with. 

Neptune energy is notably hard to pin down and put into simple words, and this ironically captures much of the essence of Neptune. He rules the dream world, our subconscious, the under-water realms of our emotions and deepest heart-longings — but when we experience Neptune energy we often find that the logical clarity and certainty that our world runs on evades us. 

Neptune energy connects us to our higher hearts, our spirituality, our inner knowing and our intuition – not through our minds but instead through that deeper knowing. Ultimately, Neptune connects us to the spiritual. 

Below, I’ll go into the different types of Neptune line you’ll find in your astro-cartography and what they can be useful or challenging for. 

Stories from my Neptune Line

In December 2022-January 2023 I spent several weeks on my Neptune DC (Neptune Setting) line in Assam, North East India. 

It seemed only too appropriate that I had travelled to that part of India primarily to visit a very powerful Shakti peeth (a temple of the Goddess of creation and life-force energy, Shakti, one of the incarnations of the Goddess Durga) – and known in Hinduism as the great mother Goddess.

I arrived in Guwahati, Assam, in the midst of visa turmoil, unsure if I was going to be forced to leave India in just a matter of days. I’d planned a 2 week trip around Assam, but the future of my stay was now not looking good.

I was potentially facing having to go back to Goa immediately to plead my case with the Foreigners dept in India, or just book a very expensive flight straight back home. Everywhere I turned, conflicting information was being provided, and different people were advising me different things (welcome to India).

what does Neptune line astrocartography mean
The misty Brahmaputra river in Assam, India on my Neptune Line

The Power of the Goddess

On the morning I’d planned to visit the temple (Ma Kamakhya), I started to centre myself. I tuned into my meditations and mantras. I started to feel like I was slowly grounding.

I arrived at the temple to a several hour wait to enter (the queues here commonly last for anything between 2-9 hours to get in). I bought lotuses, hibiscus flowers, incense and other auspicious offerings for the Goddess. And as I waited in the line, my visa case suddenly started to gain momentum. Key pieces of information which had not been shared before started to pour through.

At last I entered the temple. A narrow wet and dark passageway takes you into the heart of the rock here which is said to represent the vulva and womb of Goddess Shakti, to the mouth of the underground spring through which her eternal life-giving waters flow.

There are various different mantras to be recited at the different altars and ‘staals‘ around the temple, where Ma Kamakhya is surrounded by the 10 tantric goddesses (Das Mahavidyas) and as my priest guided me around, he asked ‘where do you belong to’ (the Indian way of asking where are you from). I replied, well I’m from the UK.. but I belong in India. He looked a bit confused…

A few minutes later, I made it out of the temple. Almost immediately, my phone rang. My visa situation had been cleared up and I could stay in India after all…

The Essence of Neptune

Neptune energy is probably the hardest to describe out of all the planetary archetypes — and that’s no accident. For in essence, that is what he is.

Hard to pinpoint, confusing, dreamy, escapist, and lacking any tangible form.

Neptune is the lord of the ocean (Poseidon in the Greek Pantheon), who stirs the waters and beckons us away from solid land — perhaps only to be lost at sea.

The intention of Neptune is to help us to let go of all that is known, so that we may ascend to the more spiritual version of ourselves. So that we may open our hearts and merge with the oneness of all that is.

Neptune energy can manifest in many ways. He is the modern ruler of Pisces and can commonly manifest as a deep longing for God (or Goddess or the divine in any way).

Neptune erodes boundaries and breaks down logic, so that we may find a more spiritual truth – but the process can often be confusing, mystical, and we may feel lost in a fog where we cannot find our way.

On the rest of my travels around Assam after my visit to the temple, after the initial joy of my visa situation being resolved, I found myself sinking into a lowness of mood, a kind of depression and loneliness. I scanned my Astro-Cartography for other influences, and struggled to work out why I was feeling so low. There was a heaviness and grief that was opening in my heart, that felt sticky and messy.

Neptune line astrocartogrpahy meaning
My Neptune DC line running to the west of Guwahati, Assam, India

What is Neptune Line AstroCartography?

In Astro-Cartography, Neptune invites us to surrender into a more spiritual experience.

Neptune places on our astrocartography chart are places that will encourage us to connect with a higher faith and allow the divine to take control of our life.

Neptune lines are perfect for a spiritual retreat, meditation, spiritual journeys or any kind of work where you wish to connect with the mystical. They can feel dreamy and bliss-ed out – so they can also be perfect for a vacation where you just want to rest, sleep, or do nothing.

Neptune rules the realm of the sub-conscious and the dreamworld, so if you’re looking to do any kind of dreaming work – look no further.

The shadow (or more challenging) side of places with Neptunian energy is that they can feel so dreamy we may fall into a fantasy that has nothing to do with reality. We may feel a strong escapist desire that can lead us into emotional and substance addictions. We may feel so lethargic that we don’t want to do anything at all. And because all boundaries are eroded, people may try to take advantage of us or we do not see the truth.

More specifically, in AstroCartography, there are 4 variants of the Neptune Line, which work with the angles of the chart: 

  • Neptune AS Line (Ascendant) – This is Neptune rising. Neptune here invites you to embrace your spiritual side or pursue a spiritual quest. You may be forming a new identity as a more spiritual or even psychic person and embracing those gifts – but you’ll want to make sure you are taking good care of your physical body and health, not succumbing to lethargy or additions, and getting lost in fantasies around your life and health.
  • Neptune MC Line (Midheaven) – This is Neptune at his full height. If you are working as a healer, spiritual teacher or are using mysticism in your work, it can be an empowering influence. On the flip side, it can bring confusion around your work, lack of clarity around your professional goals, poor work/life boundaries and others not seeing you clearly.
  • Neptune DC Line (Descendant) – Neptune on your descendant brings in spiritual partners and partnerships (romantic, business, even close friendships). These relationships may be highly spiritually connected and dreamy, romantic, or even karmic – and beware – are you seeing the full picture?
  • Neptune IC Line (Immum Coeli) – Neptune on the IC points to energies that may make you spend a lot of time at home and in private dreaming and fantasising. You may prefer to retreat within and become something of a recluse – watch out for negotiating rental contracts or buying property in these areas as the full truth may be eluding you.

When Neptune lines can be of their greatest benefit is when you are going through a Neptune transit such as the Neptune square Neptune (which we all go through around ages 39-42) or if you have a strong Neptune in your chart. Not sure what this means? Book a reading with me using the link below.

And so, to me, now that I’m away from my Neptune line, I can now make sense of my experiences there. That first I experienced a beautiful spiritual healing and synchronicity with my visa, and that I was then plunged into the Neptunian depths of confusion and disillusionment. But I could not see that at the time while I was under that influence…