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Lessons from my Venus Line (AstroCartography)

Venus line AstroCartography is one of the most popular places to look to for anyone looking for love, abundance and success – in AstroCartography as well as mainstream astrology, Venus will guide you home to your joy. But, what happens when you travel to your Venus line? Read on to discover my stories and lessons from my own Venus line and Venus return cycle.

As I celebrated my synodic Venus return this month along with turning 40 (!), my natal Venus in Gemini has been calling me to travel back to the underworld to bring back some words to share with you about how you can work with her and with your Venus line in AstroCartography.

May they be of service.

Life and Death on my Venus Line

It was December 2021. I’d known for a while that one of my favourite places on earth – Varanasi, India, was at the centre of my Venus Rising line in my AstroCartography.

Pluto had been taking me on relentless underworld journeys as part of my Pluto square Pluto transit, and frankly, I needed a break. I needed to burn some things that were ready to be let go of. I needed to end a cycle. I needed to seed a new beginning. And honestly, I just needed to feel more held and supported for a while — for things to be easier.

I arrived from Rajasthan, where I had been travelling to update content for my India travel website to Varanasi – also known by other names such as Banaras and Kashi – literally city of light. Varanasi is the most Plutonic place I know. It is the city of death, rebirth and transformation.

Hindus believe that if you die or are cremated here, your soul achieves Moksha – that is you are released from the cycles of Karma. Varanasi is thousands of years old – it is thought to be one of the oldest cities on earth – and when you come here, you feel it. Varanasi is built along the banks of the holy Ganges river – a goddess (Ma Ganga) in her own right – and bodies are cremated along the riverside ghats (steps) here.

And so I arrived onto my Venus line – Varanasi – and the beautiful chaos of all life and death here, with the intention of solitude, releasing and going within.

Experiences on my Venus Line

From the moment I stepped off the train in Varanasi, I was carried like a wave through the city. It felt like a force far greater than me was guiding me. That in fact, I did not have to lift a finger.

As a co-passenger from my train haggled with the auto-rickshaw driver on my behalf (welcome to India), I glided in. I arrived at my guesthouse expecting to spend time alone, but within half an hour had established that here was a great group of aligned fellow travellers, including an amazing soul-sister.

For the next few days I pottered, drank chai, chatted, sat on the ghats and watched the Aarti – and generally did everything but spend time alone. I had great company at every step. The tourist scammers that Varanasi is famous for seemed to be missing in action or just left me alone (If you’ve been to Varanasi you know that this city is not low maintenance. It’s not easy. If you’re a foreigner here there’s usually always someone trying to tell you or get you to do something, always involving money.)

Venus Line astrocartogrpahy - Varanasi

On my second morning I’d strolled down to the ghats to take sunrise photos with friends from my guesthouse. Before arriving in Varanasi, I’d had the idea that it would be nice to do a photoshoot here to get some photos for my blogs. I’d even put up a post on IG asking for photographer recommendations but got nothing back.

That morning a group of students approached us – asking if they could do a photoshoot with me as a “model” as they wanted to make reels of Varanasi. I quickly agreed managing to suppress a childlike giggle of happiness, and that afternoon we went out on the river to shoot. I’m still using the pics (see above ;-)).

I’m not someone who is able to manifest things easily – Venus was definitely giving me a helping hand here.

travel to Venus Line
Varanasi sunrise – right on my Venus AC line

Venus Retrograde

Venus had stationed retrograde before my arrival in Varanasi and was retrograding in Capricorn for my entire stay. She would meet with Pluto (conjuncting) him three times. I did not realise at the time how appropriate it was that a Venus retrograde cycle where she would meet with Pluto brought me to the city of death and rebirth, on my Venus line.

When Venus is retrograde, she is said to have her rose tinted glasses on. She is drunk on her own desires – she becomes delirious and cannot separate the truth from illusion. We do not see the whole picture, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Which very aptly describes my experiences in Varanasi. Over the days that I spent there, I got swept up in an almost dream like state, reminiscing about past connections and the romance of life.

On my Venus line in Venus retrograde, it’s fair to say that I didn’t really stand a chance at seeing things clearly.

It was not until 3 weeks later, as Venus turned direct in the skies above, the rose-tinted glasses were finally off, I could see things for how they truly were, and my Venus initiation journey had officially begun.

Venus Line locational astrology
My Venus AC line running right through the heart of Varanasi

Before I continue with my Venus line story, let’s have a look at what the Venus line is and what the meaning of your Venus line in AstroCartography is.

In Astrology – and therefore in AstroCartography – Venus represents the divine feminine. She is pleasure, love, art, beauty, fertility and abundance in all forms. She rules over the earth sign of Taurus – her yin evening star home, and the air sign of Libra – her yang morning star home.

Benefits of working with Venus and travelling to your Venus line can including finding more love, pleasure and sensuality, beauty, relaxation and abundance in the area of life that the line is related to. The Venus line is sometimes referred to as the AstroCartography love line.

What is Venus Line AstroCartography?

More specifically, in AstroCartography, there are 4 variants of the Venus Line, which work with the angles of the chart:

  • Venus AS Line (Ascendant) – This is Venus rising. Venus is on the rise within you here, and you are magnetic. If you’re looking to feel more beautiful and sensual in your body, more abundant in your personality and who you are, the Venus AS line is a great place to visit. Here you can magnetise people and things to you just through your own natural expression of the divine feminine.
  • Venus MC Line (Midheaven) – This is Venus at her fullest height. Here she shines on your public image, how you present yourself to the world and are seen by others through your message, your work, your purpose and your business. A great place for attracting abundance to your business and working with women/feminine energy.
  • Venus DC Line (Descendant) – Venus on your Descendant helps attract abundance in partnership – she helps magnetise partners to you – whether romantic or other significant types of partnership in your life.
  • Venus IC Line (Immum Coeli) – Home is where the heart is. Venus helps establish abundant, beautiful roots here and focuses on blessing the themes of home and family – the perfect place to ‘nest’.
Venus in the evening sky at the solar plexus gate with the waxing moon and Jupiter (above)

Venus as Initiator

Venus is well known as a benefic planet in Astrology and as a Goddess associated with love, pleasure and receiving abundance. And she is that.

But there is a ‘darker’ side to Venus too — she can also be our initiator.

After all, she represents the divine feminine — and the divine feminine is not all joy, playfulness and light. She is also powerful. And power comes through facing initiations.

Our divine feminine has all but been decimated over the last 2000 years – destroyed and demeaned by the toxic patriarchy, pushed underground and forgotten.

So the role of Venus now, is to help us remember our true feminine power.

My time in Varanasi in 2021 coincided with the start of a new 18 month synodic Venus cycle. Every 18 months, starting during the Venus Retrograde period when she is conjunct the sun, Venus switches from being the brightest star in the evening sky to the brightest star in the morning sky, signalling a new cycle.

This 18 month Venus Cycle can be seen as a right of passage. And one that I decided to undertake and am just now completing. It is a beautiful journey to mark in a ceremonial way – with the purpose of being reclaiming our full Venus gifts and powers. If you feel called to learn more about this cycle, I recommend my teachers at Venus Alchemy – you can find out more here.

18 months later, I am closing out the themes that started for me on that Venus line in Varanasi.

I have learned so much more about the magic of working with these lines – such as your Venus AstroCartography line.

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