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How to use Astro-Cartography to Connect with Past Lives

Want to find out how to look at past life Astrocartography? Locational astrology is a powerful tool for connecting us with our pasts in different places around the world. If you suspect that you have strong past life ties to a place, astro-cartography can be a valuable tool to give you additional clues and answers. To find out how – read on!

Past Life AstroCartography

Astro-Cartography can be used for many things beyond planning your next vacation or deciding where to live. I often use it as a living map of our psyche, of the different parts of ourselves – waiting to be reclaimed.

And included in that can be the places that we have an especially strong connection with, perhaps from past lifetimes. Perhaps we are drawn back to these places to re-write the story, to reclaim what has been left there, and to re-integrate that aspect of our soul.

I have also been observing the steady influx of my personal astro-cartography reading clients who have 12th house placements in their natal charts – which means having planets in the 12th house of your natal chart – more on that below.

Past life astrology can be powerful – and if you want to find out more about more about how astro-cartography and locational astrology can tell you more about where you have past life connections or ancestry – read on!

In this post I’ll cover some of the Astro-Cartography lines to look for and how to work with re-located charts to get more insights into your past lives in different places.

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Looking at Past Lives through Astrology

One of the main areas of our natal (birth) chart we look to in astrology to tell us about past lives is the twelfth house. Here we can find information on the wisdom and karma that we carry with us from previous lifetimes here on earth.

The twelfth house has a natural affinity with Pisces and Neptune energy, and is the house of the the unconscious, what is repressed, and what belongs to the night time and dream realms. This includes memories and our past lives – most importantly, what needs healing and what are we drawing on from past lives.

If you have your sun, moon, or other personal planets (Venus, Mars, Mercury) in your 12th house in your birth chart, it can be an indication that part of your mission here is to heal and build on what has unfolded in past lives.

We can also see in the re-located chart, that when the luminaries (sun and moon) or personal planets, or a stellium are present in the re-located 12th house here, that there are significant lessons and connections to this place from past lives.

For example, in my own natal chart I have my moon in my 12th house. This shows me that part of my mission here is to re-connect to past life times and heal emotional wounds and patterns for myself and my maternal lineage (the moon). I have often observed with myself and other clients with 12th house moons that there can be an intense longing for places that feel emotionally familiar to us from the past.

In my relocated chart for my current home, India, I am a Gemini rising/ascendant (instead of the Pisces rising that I am in the UK, where I was born), meaning that my Taurus sun and stellium move to the 12th house, behind the ascendant. Suffice to say that I am dealing with a lot of past life connections here and re-writing that karma, and that India feels very much like home to me.

Not sure what a relocated chart is? You can book a reading with me to go through it, or if you are already able to read charts, you can simply run a chart for the location you want to know more about, imagining you were born there – remember to adjust the time for the time zone difference.

What Lines to Look for in your Astro-Cartography for Past Life Connections

When working with the astro-cartography lines, there can be several different indicators of past life connections with a place, depending on how they feature in your birth chart.

These are some of my go-to’s:

  • Saturn Lines Saturn shows us our lineage, our ancestry and our karma. What is old. Saturn is the wisdom keeper and our ancient connection to the earth. Saturn represents the wisdom we are here to embody.
  • North/South Node Lines – The nodal axis (north node and south node, which always oppose each other, and so in astro-cartography are represented by one line) shows us where our soul has come from (past lives) and where our soul wants to grow towards. These are fated, destined places that can change the course of our life and can mark places that we have strong connections to.
  • Moon Lines – In Shamanic Astrology, one of the schools that I draw on in my practice, the moon represents our past life wisdom and what we’ve already done before in previous incarnations. It’s our comfort zone for a reason – we know it really well because we’ve been in these places before, and so they feel emotionally safe.
  • The Ruler of your Natal 12th House – Look to this planet’s line for additional information on what karma you are carrying and what archetype you’re here to heal from past life times. Eg – for a Virgo 12th house you would look at Mercury lines, for a Libra 12th house, Venus lines, etc.

As Astro-Cartography works with the angles of your chart (Ascendant – AC, Immum Coeli – IC, Descendant – DC and Midheaven – MC) I would look more at lines of the above planets on your IC (which tells us about home, roots, family and ancestry) and the Descendant (which tells us about significant 121 relationships).

These angles and lines can tell you more about where you lived in past lives and where your family was from or where perhaps you were married to.

Depending on your natal chart, there can be more indicators, too.

So, where do you feel drawn to? Where are your astro-cartography lines telling you that you have deep, ancient connections to the land? How does the energy of that land want to move through you?

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