Venus Rising Podcast Episode 7 - Midlife Alchemy with Stella Stathi

Venus Rising Podcast – Episode 007 – Mid-Life Alchemy with Stella Stathi

Join me in this deep conversation with Stella Stathi – Jungian Psychotherapist and Archetypal Astrologer as we delve into the rich alchemy of Mid-Life (35-50) that is available to us. We share personal experiences of this process, advice for those in this transition, and what some of the key lessons are of this powerful transformational time.  

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About Stella

Stella Stathi is an experienced Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist, Inner Alchemy Guide, Writer, Mover and Mystic. 

Her work centres around what Carl Jung called Individuation; the psychospiritual, grounded and mystical journey of discovering and embodying who we truly are, and is a synthesis of Embodied Depth Psychology, Archetypal Astrology and Alchemical Spirituality. 

Stella specifically supports people through the alchemical Yellowing, the second half of Life, in crossing the Threshold into a larger, bolder, fuller Life that is true to their Soul. She currently offers psychospiritual inner work for those navigating the transformative time of Midlife, as well as mentoring for fellow Soul-Work practitioners.


Connect with Stella: or on her new Instagram @theyellowingtherapist. You can download her free ebook called ‘Archetypal, Alchemical Zodiac’ here.

Additional Resources for those interested in Mid-Life transformation: 

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About the Venus Rising Podcast

On Venus Rising, I share personal stories, guest interviews and conversations around all aspects of healing the divine feminine, who is rising so strongly at this time, with Venus – the Goddess of Love – as our guide and initiator. 

Join me for more on feminine embodiment, transformation and deep life transitions, personal stories of growth as well as astrology & astro-cartography. 

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